Monday, September 26, 2011

Nesat (Pedring) update: introducing the Airboat Deployment Officer uniform

Typhoon Nesat (local name Pedring) has reached the land in Luzon, northern Philippines. Last night the storm warning for Laguna, where I am based, was upgraded to Signal level 2 (three is the highest). Land slides have occurred in some southern islands and a tornado has reportedly swept through Isabella, Luzon damaging six houses. (Source:

As you can see, this morning at 3am the typhoon was right over Northern Philippines. (Source:

Classes at institutions from the kindergarten level right up to university have been cancelled today. This includes, perhaps ironically, a talk that I suppose to give at University of Philippines, Los Banos on using the boats in disaster response.

To prepare for the immense rain that is expected over the next 48 hours I have developed the Airboat Deployment Officer (ADO) uniform.

ADO uniform. 
All Airboat Deployment Officers should have:

  • One pair of waterproof boots. Black.
  • One umbrella. Black.
  • One waterproof jacket. Clear*.
  • One pair of waterproof pants. Clear*.

What you could look like if you become an ADO today!

*If ADO prefers, they can choose a coloured uniform. This gives them the option of remaining naked under the uniform.

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  1. I am based, was upgraded to everglades rides Signal level 2 (three is the highest).