Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Using a boat in the wake of Pedring

Once the rain stopped and the wind dropped I headed out to find some flood waters. The water levels in the center of Manila, where flooding was once common, dropped within a few hours. Other areas, closer to the bay and with a less advanced drainage system, had knee deep water for days.

Rescue missions mounted across the nation. (Source)
I went to an area called Malabon, that was hit very badly by the typhoon. The streets were covered with debris and knee deep water covered most of the area. After meeting with the Barangay Captain (local councilman) I was given permission to test out the boats. Everyone was very excited and I gathered quite a crowd. Several people lended a hand and we were ready to deploy within minutes.

Setting up the boat
Then... I knocked the wifi router into the flood water!

Without a backup I reluctantly had to cancel the mission. Everyone was very disappointed.

Two days later returned with a brand new router. This time, there was less excitement and my team consisted of only three people. I kept everything inside the car to keep it super dry.

For about half an hour I drove one of the boats around with the sensors attached. The Barangay officials were very amused and advised me that the boat definitely needed reverse (which I agreed with) and a horn (which I am skeptical about).

I will post the results of the testing once the maps are complete.

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