Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pictures of the new boat, technical details soon ..

Smoke and Slow Progress

We put two of the latest boats into the Persian Gulf (Arabian Gulf) this morning.

Unfortunately, within 1 minute, one of them was smoking, with a key part of the electronics unexpectedly overheating.   We had about a 20min wait while the disabled boat floated to shore.

We turned the speed down on the second boat and managed to keep it from over-heating.  The boat moved slowly at the lower speed and had some trouble with the winds and waves, but it did work.

A tourist taxi boat did its best to run the little guy over, but failed.

All in all it was slow progress, in more ways than one, but it was progress.  If we can stop the FET over-heating, we'll have more pictures of sunny Doha on Sunday.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Testing in Doha to begin Thursday

The boats will be going into the water near the Corniche in Doha, Qatar on Thursday morning.  This will be the first real test of the new boat.  We hope the amazing view they will have won't give them stage fright.   Stay tuned.

Here is the boat, all ready to go:

In fact, the whole fleet is ready to go: