Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What a journey

First, let's meet the Philippines team.

They have travelled to the Philippines.

Chris and Abhinav left at 11:15am on Saturday. Adrian left at 11:30am on Saturday.

Chris and Abhinav arrived in Manila on Sunday evening, but the boats did not arrive. Adrian was travelling.

On Monday they called their airline, it seems that the boats were left in Chicago. Adrian was travelling.

The boats boarded a plane in Chicago bound for Manila. Adrian was travelling

On Monday evening the boats reached Manila and Chris and Abhinav picked them up from the airport. Adrian was travelling.

On Tuesday morning Adrian arrived in Manila. 29 hours after Chris and Abhinav.

These are the boxes that the boats were packed in:

Notice the TSA tape covering the box.

"Your bag was among those selected for physical inspection".

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