Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Dalawang! Dalawang bangka nakasabit sa liryo!

Delawang means "2" (in Tagalag - an official language of the Philippines).

For the first time whilst we have been here we have managed to get two boats in the water. We even briefly deployed a third boat before things started breaking.

Two boats at the same time. I always wanted to do that man.

"I am just going to hang out in the reeds."

"Dalawang! Dalawang bangka nakasabit sa liryo!.... "Two! Two boats stuck in the water lillies!"

And as if deploying three boats and the same wasn't enough excitement for one day. As we were preparing to leave a member of our team who will remain nameless (see image below) damaged the structural integrate of the house of our kind hosts and completely destroyed their beloved bench.

This bench is ruined!

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