Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day Three - Part 2: A Tropical Storm Strikes!

This afternoon we headed off once again with the boats. We had spent the middle of the day preparing the fifth boat in hopes that we could break two records in one day.

However, just as we were ready to depart a tropical storm blew in. We were somewhat dismayed but at the same time excited. As the streets began flooding and fast moving water began rushing down the road we realised that this was the moment that we were waiting for.

Although the final version of the boats will be able to operate in all types of weather, at the moment they are not entirely resistant to heavy rain. Therefore, to be extra safe, we disengaged the motor and just let the boat float down the street as we gathered some sweet as photos and video. Below are the fruits of our (soaking wet) labor.

The first time in some real flood water.

Travelling past a tricycle.

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