Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Panther Hollow Field Report

This entry is the first of a series of field reports demonstrating the types data we can collect using our boats.  The first is from Panther Hollow in Schenley Park, Pittsburgh. 

Field Report

Name: Austin Lange           Date:  6/21/16         Location/Body of water: Panther Hollow

Start time: 1:52                                              End Time:      2:05  

Sensors:  DO     ES2     pH

Current Weather Conditions
             - Temperature:  26.111 °C 
              - Forecast: Partly Cloudy

Rain (last 24hr):        None.

Other Relevant Weather Conditions:
Mild winds

Current Water Conditions (e.g. fast flowing, still, debris):
Still water.

Other Relevant Water Conditions (e.g. boats, fishermen, algae):

Algae along side of banks, weedy aquatic plants throughout lake.

Primary Survey Type:  Autonomous Region  


pH (normal range 6.5-8.5)                                       
     - pH Min:  4.86                                                    
     - pH Max:  8.44                                                    
     - pH Average: 8.08                                                          
     - pH Avg within normal:  Yes                

DO (normal range 4-15 mg/L)
     - DO Min: 6.55 mg/L
     - DO Max: 14.91 mg/L
     - DO Average: 9.79 mg/L
     - DO Avg within normal:  Yes

     - Temperature Min: 27.5°C                                
     - Temperature Max: 28.5°C                   

     - Temperature Average:  28.0°C 

 Conductivity (normal range 100-2000 μS/cm)
     - Conductivity Min: 816? μS/cm
     - Conductivity Max: 937 μS/cm
     - Conductivity Average: μS/cm
     - Conductivity Avg within normal: Yes


Panther Hollow Lake appears to be a healthy lake. Temperature, conductivity, pH, and dissolved oxygen are all within normal ranges for a freshwater lake.

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