Friday, July 15, 2016

Allegheny River, Downstream of Cheswick Power Plant

Field Report

Name: Austin Lange  Date:   6-1-16      Location/Body of water: Allegheny River, Downstream of Cheswick Power Plant 

Start time: 10:45                                            End Time: 11:10

Sensors:  DO     ES2     pH

Current Weather Conditions
     - Temperature:    27.0 °C          -Forecast: Sunny, Clear Blue Skies

Rain (last 24hr): None

Other Relevant Weather Conditions:
 Launch point in shade/low water with mud bottom

Current Water Conditions (e.g. fast flowing, still):

Other Relevant Water Conditions (e.g. boats, fishermen, algae):

Geese and ducks in and around surrounding water

Primary Survey Type:  Autonomous Region


pH (normal range 6.5-8.5)                                       
     - pH Min:  5.90                                                    
     - pH Max:  7.41                                                    
     - pH Average: 6.78                                                          
     - pH Avg within normal:  Yes                
 DO (normal range 4-15 mg/L)
     - DO Min: 6.23 mg/L
     - DO Max: 7.19 mg/L
     - DO Average: 6.56 mg/L
     - DO Avg within normal:  Yes
     - Temperature Min: 24.3°C                                
     - Temperature Max: 25.2°C                   
     - Temperature Average:  24.9°C 
 Conductivity (normal range 100-2000 μS/cm)
     - Conductivity Min: 248 μS/cm
     - Conductivity Max: 277 μS/cm
     - Conductivity Average: 264 μS/cm
     - Conductivity Avg within normal: Yes 


The Allegheny River in Cheswick, PA appears to be a healthy river. Temperature, conductivity, pH, and dissolved oxygen are all within normal ranges for a freshwater stream. However, pH varies significantly within the area surveyed.

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