Monday, August 8, 2011

Testing in Maryland, a statistical summary.

Days 2 & 3 of testing in Maryland continued without many hitches.

In fact, Day 3 went so well that three of our brightest opted to stay on for an additional day of testing... aptly named Day 4.

Below is a statistical summary of the four days of testing...

Throughout the testing:
  • We were at the pond for 41 hours.
  • The boats were in the water for 22 hours 14 minutes. They were deployed 77 times. 
  • The average deployment time was around 17 minutes. 
  • 18 feet of Subway, 2kg of Chinese and 3 large pizzas were consumed. 
  • The boats travelled approx. 26.23km.* 
  • Max temperature reached 108°F!
*this figure has been estimated because we can’t be bothered working it out..

Graphical data
  • Graph 1 - Number of deployments 
Boat 1 was used most (after the rescue raft of course)
  • Graph 2 - Average deployment time 
Average deployment time increased over the weekend as bugs were found and efficiency was increased.
  • Graph 3 - Data collection 
JoyRideMode made this possible. This graph has been added for humour and serves no other purpose.

Day 4 ended with a hurried pack-up as the Maryland’s fiercest rains rolled in. Unable to operate in the rain, we packed up and called it a day. (Yes, we are aware of the irony of having to pack up for rain when the boats are destined for monsoons in Manila. No, we don’t need you to point it out again.)

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