Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hippos in front, crocs at the rear!

Some of you may remember the three week Kenya expedition undertaken by Platypus in early 2014. We teamed with researchers Amanda Subalusky and Chris Dutton to collect data in pools full of hippos in the Mara River as part of The Mara Project The Mara Project (a collaboration between Yale & the Carey Institute - http://mara.yale.edu)

We're not quite sure how we did it, but we managed to return home without a single hippo bite or crocodile death roll! Chris and Amanda decided to test their luck again, adding extra sensors to the robotic platform before again navigating the dangerous waters. Check out the early photos from their trip below, we can't wait to see how the collected data looks!

Twenty hippos out in front, a sole croc at the rear..... please tell me the batteries are fully charged!

I would love to tell you that is just dirt in the water and not hippo poo, but I would be lying...

Returning home after another successful trip!

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