Saturday, April 5, 2014

Back from Doha

We had another successful season testing in Doha, scaling up to bigger teams and testing out new hardware.  

Seven boats in the water at once, in this photo:

George came over and helped out.  He was more help than Alex. 

The staging area.  It was a tough place to have to hang out all day every day.

Four boats ready to go.

That isn't an airboat!  The twin propellers help navigate the Arabian Gulf waters much better.

Paul sending a boat on its maiden voyage.  He looks nervous, but the boats mostly performed.  And we didn't lose one.

Nate was working hard on an exciting new user interface concept that allows a single user to control multiple boats at once.  We successfully had Nathan in control of seven boats out in the water.  

Screenshot of the GUI:


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  2. Very interesting work. The phone # on the platypus website doesn't seem to go through. Is there a better way to contact?

    1. Sorry, that person has been out of the country for a few weeks. Please give me, Paul, a call on 412 979 4629 (President)