Saturday, March 9, 2013

Murphy's Law Relents for Just One Day

After two months where it seemed everything that could go wrong did go wrong, Murphy's Law relented for just one day and we managed to get five boats simultaneously sensing in the Persian/Arabian Gulf. 

Our setup footprint and setup time has steadily decreased over the course of our stay in Doha, due to many factors:
  • Rental of a SUV so equipment does not have to be unloaded every night
  • Boxes to compactly store and safely transport the shrouds and magic plates
  • Purchase of a smaller antenna
  • Success in finding a deep cycle battery and inverter for power
Below is a picture of the reduced set of supplies we unload at the Corniche each morning.

The weather looked very promising this morning: small waves headed directly toward the shore, making for easy robot retrieval in the event of a failure resulting in loss of control. We got to work setting things up and soon were pushing boats into the water:

After a couple phone reboots, we had all 5 boats running happily in the water and got to sit back, relax, and take pictures. Here are some much anticipated photos of a 5 boat deployment!

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