Monday, August 20, 2012

Energy Inc Conference and Trade Show

On Tuesday the 14th of August, thanks to Innovation Works who sponsored our attendance, the Platypus team took part in the Energy Inc Conference and Trade Show held at the David Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh. This event catered to many different investors, business executives as well as various energy companies.

The Keynote speaker for the event was Charles McConnell, the assistant secretary for fossil energy in the US Department of Energy, who is also a CMU Graduate. His address focused on the energy market in western Pennsylvania.
Many different companies had booth’s at the trade show. The focus was on energy sources whether it be gas, oil, coal wind or solar energy. Most of the people in attendance were investors, manufactures and service providers that support the creation of the regions energy marketplace.
Platypus had set up a booth where we spoke about the solar recharging station that is currently being developed. This solar recharging station will eliminate most of the need for human interaction with the boats and reduce the amount of maintenance needed. After the boats autonomously sample a body of water, they can return to their solar recharge station or as nicknamed the “Doghouse”, where solar energy will be used to recharge the batteries.
The attendees of the show were very interested in our boats and their capabilities. The Platypus team got a chance to met a lot of interesting people and made some new contacts to follow up on.
After a long day of pimping out the boats, team member Chris headed straight to the bar the second it opened, although another member Balajee was nowhere to be found.
Will we find out the reason for Balajee’s mysterious disappearance?
Stay Tuned for updates on the blog to find out!


  1. Well done team Platypus. I think the 'Energy Inc' conference is always a good attraction because people are genuinely interested in the different sources available out there, the booths are interactive, and it's something people care about. Your solar charged boat idea is a perfect example. It's very logical and has energy benefits.

  2. This is very nice post. I also have to host a trade expo for the promotion of our new product and we just got portable trade show displays from a local shop in Minnesota. They truly did an amazing job and I am very happy with their work.

  3. Nice! We also prefer a good convention center for such meetings and promotions. We even party there after such things. It was good to read about this thing. I am sure it went well. My official meeting is also around the corner and we are probably having it here.