Tuesday, July 24, 2012

NACo Annual Conference and Exposition


Last Sunday the team packed up and headed out to Heinz field and set up a booth to participate in the 2012 National Association of Counties Annual Conference and Exposition. All kinds of people attended from several surrounding counties and states to check out all of the local start up businesses based in Pittsburgh that revolve around energy and technology solutions. 

It took the team two hours to get the pool inflated but eventually we did and the demonstrations started. Many people came to see the airboats and the afternoon was spent answering questions and making the boats manoeuvre around in the small blow up pool. 

All was going well and we could even hear Alice Cooper performing from next door at Stage AE when disaster struck and our team member Balajee fell into the pool. Luckily, as there was less than 3 feet of water the risk of drowning was minimal.

With Balajee recovered from his near death experience the day came to an end. The team packed up and pool was emptied all of over the area much to the relief of Balajee.

Stay tuned for more of the action within the CRW project!

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